“We find in England one William Mabe , a man of humble beginnings. He is found at trial in Hereford , England for the theft of a pair of boots. He being found guilty is sentenced to seven years indenture in the Virginia Colonies. Later in the course of events we find him receiving a land grant for 204 acres in Hanover , Virginia” — Judy P. Smith – Cross Brush Studios

St. Bridget's Church, Bridstow, Herefordshire, England

St. Bridget’s Church, Bridstow, Herefordshire, England
Where we find most of the Mabe records in England.

Welcome to the Mabe Family of Carroll County, Virginia website, we sure have come a long way! We are assembling the records of our ancestors from England to America for all that have a connection to our family. If you are researching our family surname, Carroll County, or genealogy in general, we hope that the information gathered here will be of some benefit to you.

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“This site is mostly to honor my parents and family. Growing up they showed me by example the importance of family. And while most of the time I wasn’t paying attention, it embedded itself in my core. My love for genealogy sprung from being drawn to old photos and history. It seemed only natural that all of that would combine into a love for family history. As humans we seek two things, to know from where we came and to know that we left something worthwhile behind. As genealogists we try to preserve those traces, usually to honor those we love. To us, if they are on these pages, they are never really gone. In doing so, the trace we ourselves leave is that others were here, and that’s from where we came.”

“This page would not be possible without the tireless work of so many others before me. There is so much information available now, thanks to those nameless and faceless people.” — Susan Mason – Edwards/Mabe/Williams/Williby Families

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